Office Printers - A Buying Guide

When choosing a printer for your office, there is multitude of printer brands and wide range of models within each brand.So how do you determine which brand and model is best for your business.  These printers are costly to buy and run, so getting it wrong can be an expensive mistake!

The bottom line in selecting an office printer is: which model will do the job I need it for – at the lowest cost.

Printer Requirements

There are a number of key factors used in defining the job you need your printer to do….

Print Volume – how many pages do you typically print per month. Printers are designed to handle different print volumes. If you print more than the specified volume your printer won’t cope, if you print less, you will be paying for more than you need.

Usage Patterns and Print Speed – do you print consistently over the month, or do you need to print high volume runs in short bursts.

Mono or Colour – the ratio of black and white to colour prints you require is not only important in determining the correct printer for you, but also which service plan is best to minimize your costs.

Paper Size and Dual Sided Printing – do you only print on one side of A4 paper, or do you need larger format printing. The cost of a printer that can print on both sides of a page may be more expensive upfront, but it will save on paper costs and is better for the environment.

Cash or Rental

For most customers we recommend renting a printer rather than paying cash. The reasons are as follows…

Cash Flow – quality business printers can cost from R10 000 to over R100 000. Most businesses we supply don’t want to pay that kind of cash upfront.

Flexibility – In many cases the printing requirements of a business change over time. With a printer rental option, it is possible to upgrade the technology if required. If a machine is bought for cash, the business is stuck with a printer that doesn’t do the job.

Maintenance – a service plan is included in a rental option. We take care of everything. The printers are regularly maintained and should anything go wrong, our technicians are on call to fix it quickly.

Print Cost – also included in the rental service plan is toner. The print cost per page is considerably less expensive than if you purchased your own. It also means that you never have to worry about running out of toner.

The cost of an office printer over time will, in most cases, be more expensive when paying cash upfront.

How We Can Help

We are specialists at using the information above to recommend the best office printer for your needs. Please contact us for a no obligation consultation.

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