About Us

We are a printer supplier with specialist knowledge of the printing needs of South African businesses.

Whether you are a small business that prints low volume, A4, black and white or a large business that prints 50 000 colour copies per month, our promise is to advise you on which brand and type of printer is best for your requirements. We stock a range of printers that we know are good quality, reliable, able to consistently perform and provide good value.

We will supply you with the printer that does the job you need – at the lowest cost.

We have a countrywide dealership and agent network and are authorised service agents. Our service level agreement ensures that your printer will be well maintained and you always have the toners you need. In the event of a mechanical problem, our service technicians will be there quickly, minimizing any downtime.

Our commitment is to make sure you are happy with your printer solution, so even if you want a printer brand we don’t normally stock, we will….

  • Advise you on which printer in that brand is best for your needs
  • Use our buying power to negotiate the best price on your behalf



There is a huge potential cost saving when properly setting up your printer requirements.

Please talk to us to see how we can help!

Did you know that buying a printer for cash costs a lot more over time. We compare office printer prices here.